Parent Judging Responsibility

  • All Speech competitors are required to provide a judge for a minimum of two (2) preliminary rounds and additional judges if you are in multiple events. Be sure to sign up for at least one outround if your student is signed up for more than 2 events.
  • All TP and LD Debate competitors are required to provide a judge for three (3) preliminary debate rounds.
  • ALL Parents: Please sign up for the specific rounds, even if you plan to be on site all day.
  • All Staff: Please find a way to cover the rounds through community judges, family members, etc...


If you have multiple children competing, please ask someone to help you cover your slots. Clubs are encouraged to work together to fulfill the judging requirements for their members. We realize that those traveling from out of the area may have difficulty in fulfilling judge requirements so we encourage the local competitors to help fill the judging needs.

RECRUIT Community Judges:

Each local student must register at least 2 Community Judges (other family member, families interested in speech and debate, friend, neighbor, etc). If these are not provided, the parents will be asked to cover more than their assigned slots.

Note to Parents:

Speech and Debate is one of the best kept secrets in the home school community, and a tournament is an excellent opportunity to introduce other families to this special community. Please invite at least one family to experience this amazing training ground for public speaking and critical thinking.