The following will be the Apologetics statements for the Cocoa Cup Junior competitors.

Competitors will define and explain the attribute of God in terms they can understand and its importance to you (yourself).

1. God is omnipotent: God is all powerful.

2. God is omnipresent: God is everywhere, all the time.

3. God is omniscient: God knows everything.

4. God is eternal: God has no beginning and no end. He is everlasting.

5. God is holy: God is pure and separated from sin.

6. God is just: God rules with fairness and power.

7. God is sovereign: God is king and in charge of everything.

8. God is immutable: God never changes.

9. God is loving: God gives of Himself to others

10. God is a trinity: One God, three persons.

We encourage each student to prepare material ahead of time on 3 statements and bring it to the tournament for use in competition.

Resources to help you that can be purchased used on Amazon:

Learning About God From A to Z, Mary Erickson, Sonlight Curriculum

Note about this material: "We have been using this book this year and the younger kids are really enjoying it. It also has many plays in it for impromptu reading and acting, usually on a bible story that demonstrates that particular character of God that it is teaching. It has fun activities and puzzles so that helps the kids enjoy it as well."